Daniel Giordano
2021 AIM Fellow 

Daniel Giordano (he/him) earned an MFA from the University of Delaware. He has had solo exhibitions at the Rosenberg Gallery, Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY; Wil Aballe Art Projects, BC, Canada; and Sardine, Brooklyn, NY. Group exhibitions include JDJ, New York, NY; Anonymous, New York, NY; Mother, Beacon, NY; and Baba Yaga, Hudson, NY. Giordano's work has been featured in Sculpture Magazine, Artsy, Whitehot Magazine, Canadian Art, The New York Times, Cultured Magazine, and Art Spiel. He will have a solo exhibition at MASS MoCA in 2023.


Artist Statement

My sculptures are inspired by the Hudson Highlands in upstate New York, specifically Newburgh, where I grew up. The city of Newburgh, once a booming industrial hub, now subsists as a gritty husk of its former opulence. Situated on the city’s main artery is my grandfather’s former garment factory, in which I make artwork amongst dust-laden coats and sewing machines. I make sculptures that range from intimate ceramic objects to large-scale constructions. Along the shore of the Hudson River, I glean natural materials and castoffs of the city’s industrial heyday. Once I bring these elements into my workspace, I combine them with factory relics, ceramics, and cast metal components I produce en masse. I implement surface treatments, often derived from the substances I apply topically, ingest, and excrete upon. For example, I often employ Tiger Balm, deep-fried batter, and urinal cake in my work. These materials have a personal connection to me and evoke distinct memories. I immortalize them with a thorough drenching of various resins. I categorize my sculptures into veins of work. Each vein contains a specific material makeup and consistent form. My output is informed by my Italian ancestry, loved ones, and locale.







Images courtesy the artist.

Hoof I, 2019–2020. Acrylic house paint, canned tomatoes, cattails, deep-fried batter, epoxy, fibered aluminum coating, gallon paint can lid, hardware, iron quartzite, marble, Northeast Fast-Dry tennis court surface, oil-based clay, polyurethane, vitamin B12, wood, wood stain. 83H x 41W x 23D in. Photo: Ernesto Eisner

My Mon Calamari V, 2015–2021. Acrylic paint, aluminum, arborio rice, artificial hog hoof, cable ties, cattails, ceramic, Christmas bell, deep-fried batter, deer leg, Dior lipstick, epoxy, glitter, hardware, hosiery, oil-based clay, permanent ink, pomade, pigment, reactive metallic paint, Northeast Fast-Dry tennis court surface, rope, silicon, shellac, sticky note, Tang drink mix, tennis balls, wax. 35.5 x 17 x 11 in. Photo: Ernesto Eisner

Pleasure Pipe L, 2019-2021. Acrylic varnish, ceramic, epoxy, hardware, Murano glass, plastic wrap, shellac, vitamin B12. 12.5 x 6 x 5 in. Photo: Ernesto Eisner


Self-Portrait 150 Years From Now, 2018-2019. Moisturizing face mask, cuttlefish ink, dust, acrylic polymer emulsion, urinal cake, epoxy, wire hanger. 15.5 x 12 x 7 in. Photo: Wil Aballe Art Projects


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