Artist in the Marketplace: 1987
Price $10

Catalogue for the seventh annual exhibition: June 4th - September, 1987


This year's artists include:

Mo Bahc | Millie Burns | Larry Carroll | Mary Colby
Susan Ebersole | Heidi Feiwel | Lorraine Fiddle | John K. Flynn
Erik Furubtn | Kenneth Garrett | Anne Gilman | Janet Goldner
Tony Gray | Paula Hacker | Joel Holub | Elissa Tatigikis Iberti
Candy Jernigan | Art Jones | Brian Killigrew | Jovalin Lekay
Jody Leopold | Amy Lowry | Cedric Lucas | Philomena Marano
Efrain Martinez | Julio Mateo | Claudia Matzko | Robert Montoya
Kathleen McCarthy | Orlando Rodriguez | Justo Roman | Jewel P. Ross
Heidi Schlatter | Daniel B. Tisdale | Louise Weinberg | Gloria E. Williams


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