Artist in the Marketplace: 1990
Price $10

Catalogue for the tenth annual exhibition: June 12th - September 3rd, 1990


This year's artists include:

Grimanesa Amoros | Andras Borocz | Jean Chiang | Gregory W. Coates
Ada Pilar Cruz | Jim Dahl | Stephanie Dumas | Carlos Durazo
Jane Fay | Donna Francis | Charo Garaigorta | Daniel O. Geroges
Ana Golici | Eric Guttelewitz | Andrea Guttman | Maggie Wei Hsu
Ying S. Hung | Jean Patrick Icart-Pierre | Andre Juste | Noga Kalinsky
Byron Kim | Akiko Matsuo | Patrick Moynihan | Rodolfo Nunez
Chigyoun Oh | Beata Pies| Jennifer C. Protas | Don Reid
Mario Rentas | Dorothy Shamonsky | Hong-Jium Shieh | Frances Miller Smith
Yon Verwer | Lynn Wilder | Alexandra Zalce | Karen Zuegner


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