Jerome Avenue Workers Project Book
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Featuring work by the 18 photographers of the Bronx Photo League, this book documents and celebrates the workers and tradespeople of Jerome Ave, an area currently dominated by community-owned businesses.  Jerome Ave is a gritty two-mile stretch of low buildings where thousands of immigrants work in small stores, factories and car repair shops.


The city is considering a plan to rezone a 73-block stretch along Jerome Ave. If passed, the rezoning will lead to construction of housing units, but also, many believe, to the end of a proud culture of industry and work in this last bastion of New York City’s working class. The BPL photographed Jerome Ave as part of a continuing chronicle of gentrification in the Bronx.


8.5 x 11 in.
136 pages
93 black-and-white images
2 lbs
Hardcover, linen bound
September 2016



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