Christian Hincapié


Christian Hincapié is a Colombian-American multidisciplinary artist born in 1989. He attended the Yale Norfolk program in 2012 and received his BFA from the Cooper Union in 2013. His work has been shown through the Public Art Fund, High Tide Gallery in Philadelphia, La Mama Gallery, Mana Contemporary, NARS Foundation, and various artist-run spaces in the Tri-state area. Hincapié received his MFA in 2020 from Rutgers University where he is a Part-Time Lecturer. In 2021, he was a Keyholder Resident at the LES Printshop and a recipient of a BRIO Grant from the Bronx Council on the Arts.


Artist Statement

My work is equal parts research-based, studio-based, and made in collaboration with public space. Though I am a project-based artist and my work is varied in form, I often work through expanded forms of reproducible print and image making. I often utilize juxtaposition and contrast as a key conceptual and visual methodology to question power, permanence, and hierarchy in the context of New York and the concept of the metropolis. With my work, I aim to bring together the material traces that reflect the simultaneous presence of both distinct individuals and the effects of power over the world. From my studies and observations I create site specific projects and serial works that speak about what is between presence and absence; visibility and invisibility; capital and loss; change and stasis; the private and the public. My work brings a respectful curiosity for the inhabitants and the patterns of occupation which guide existence within urban spaces. Ultimately I strive to understand the individual’s place in history, time, and the present.


Contact info:


Instagram:  @christianhincapie  




Exhibition view featuring New York Harbor as Double Relic"and "Financial District as Irreparable Genesis Point [Futile Attempts Toward Decolonization (featuring the American Museum of Natural History’s “Old New York” Diorama depicting Oratamin and Peter Stuyvesant)]




Decisions at a Desk (Exhibition view) 2020


At work on "Robert Moses Rorschach Test, Flushing Meadows Corona Park 2018

Detail of Flattened Penny and World Trade Center Trident (Elongated Coin with Plans for World Trade Center “Typical Tree” by Yamasaki Associates) 


Graphite on Diazotype (blueprint)

42” x 82” 

Image courtesy of Christian Hincapie 

Blueprint For a Warp in the Loom (Rubbing of a Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority Police Officer Challenge Coin) 2020


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