Jennifer Chia-Ling Ho


Jennifer Chia-Ling Ho is a Taiwanese interdisciplinary artist based in Brooklyn, New York. Her practice responds to her linguistic and cultural displacement as a first-generation immigrant. Ho has participated in residencies at 18th Street Arts Center, LMCC Arts Center at Governors Island, and NARS Foundation. Ho’s work has been exhibited at 18th Street Arts Center in California; Below Grand Gallery; Pratt Institute in New York. Recent fellowships include the Bronx Museum of the Arts AIM Fellowship and the National Culture and Arts Foundation of Taiwan-International Exchange Fellowship. Ho received her MFA in Sculpture from Pratt Institute.


Artist Statement

‘How are you?’ A casual greeting that doesn’t necessarily mean what the three words say. The speaker isn’t always interested in knowing how you are really feeling. However, in a racially conscious society, the pronunciation of this simple sentence weighs much more heavily than its meaning. Being a first-generation immigrant, I’m frequently reminded of my identity as a Taiwanese, a foreigner, and a nonnative because of my inability to speak ‘perfect’ English and my ‘foreign’ accent. I’m interested in the racial, cultural, and social power dynamics that language enacts and identity’s uncertainty and performativity in immigrants and foreigners.

I consider the issues of translation, mistranslation, and lost-in-translation. My
interdisciplinary practice responds to my linguistic and cultural displacement
with sculpture, installation, photography, and audio. My method involves
extracting, rearranging, and manipulating found texts and media that refer to
cultural-specific context or knowledge. I explore how the viewing experience is
culturally mediated and changes as presented in different cultural contexts.
My sculpture and installation as seen in their abstracted and fragmented form
exist in a state of constantly processing information and searching for
connections and the sense of belonging.
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Against Interpretation, 2020



Against Interpretation (Detail), 2020


Check the Box, 2021


Nest, 2021


Nest (Detail), 2021


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