Ivan Velez: Bronx Haiku
June 7, 2017 to October 22, 2017

fifty five years
my life in blood and panels
and brown gay ink


Bronx-born Puerto Rican cartoonist and educator Ivan Velez exhibits a series of drawings related to comics, as well as his activist work spanning his thirty-year career. From his groundbreaking work on LGBTQ youth issues during the AIDS crisis, to his subversive writing in mainstream comic book companies such as Milestone Media, DC Comics, and Marvel, in addition to his independent work for queer and multicultural publishing, Ivan Velez: Bronx Haiku offers an engaging survey of one artist’s desire to bring change and diversity into an art form that plays an indelible role in American popular culture.


Ivan Velez: Bronx Haiku is made possible, in part, by the Collector’s Circle, a leading Bronx Museum support group. Special thanks to Creative Capital, Daniel Joy Kim, Lauren Kelley, Juanita Lanzo, Kip Silva, Kimberly Vaquedano-Rose, David Velez-Felix, and the Bronx Museum staff.