Please Touch
March 26 to June 21, 2015

Featuring three new works, the terrace installation Please Touch conveys artist Raul Mourão's awareness of the city, with its characters, architecture, objects and accidents. Displaced from their original sites and stripped of any function, mundane street elements are further altered in shape and scale by the artist. With its humorous nods to constructive and conceptual art, Please Touch entails active contemplation from the spectator, in that it extends familiar objects into the arena of the nonsensical.

Works featured in Please Touch include Street Arrow, inspired by road signage and old advertising panels; Touch Please, a play on the ubiquitous scaffolding structures used in construction sites; and Basement, a reference to the metal basement doors found in front of restaurants and bodegas throughout the city.


About the artist
Brazilian artist Raul Mourão studied at the Parque Lage School of Visual Arts, in Rio de Janeiro, and has been exhibiting his work since 1991. His practice includes drawings, prints, paintings, sculptures, videos, photographs, texts, installations and performances —Please Touch is Mourão’s first solo exhibition in New York, and was specifically conceived for the Bronx Museum’s North Wing Terrace.