Solace on the Line
April 19 - September 15, 2013

A year ago, Todd Heisler—a New York Times staff photographer, who’s twice won the Pulitzer Prize for photography—and Susan Hartman—a journalist, whose stories have been featured in The New York Times, Newsday, and The Christian Science Monitor—collaborated on a photo essay about an extraordinary prayer call, which unites members of the Ebenezer Assembly of God Church in the Bronx. This prayer call, held at least twice a day, is a consolation for Assembly of God's members, many of whom are live-in aides who work for weeks at a time without going home to their Bronx neighborhood. On their cell phones, singing prayers in Twi, they connect with their pastor, Benjamin Boakye, and with each other.


Solace on the Line extends their story: it features Heisler’s stunning photos of congregants in intense prayer, on the line—from a Manhattan park bench, from a patient’s spacious home—and also at a joyous church service that culminated in the christening of a baby girl. His video, A Higher Calling, follows the 6’ 4” Pastor Boakye into his storefront church.

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